Past is Prologue Productions

Mission Statement

Past is Prologue Productions aims to ignite the world with fresh perspectives on Shakespeare’s work.  Through film, theatre, dance, and other forms of art and performance, we take a new approach to old work, always starting with the text, and finding interpretations to help make this canon of plays more relevant and meaningful to a modern audience.  


Core Values

  1. Start with the text. (Shakespeare’s words come first.)

  2. Embrace inclusivity. (Diverse voices and perspectives are essential.)

  3. Think outside the box. (Find a creative way to do something that hasn’t been done before.)

  4. Collaborate always. (The best ideas and art come from working together to create.)



Past is Prologue Productions will grow organically through the years into the future, creating new work as inspiration and opportunity connect.  Eventually, Past is Prologue Productions will produce each of Shakespeare’s plays in exciting and innovative ways.

The Filigree Theatre

About the Filigree Theatre:

Co-Founded by Elizabeth V. Newman (Artistic Director/Co-Managing Director) and Stephanie Moore (Co-Managing Director), The Filigree Theatre is committed to producing high-level, professional theatre in the city of Austin and to collaborating with local artists working across creative disciplines including fine arts, dance, film and music. The company’s name, ‘Filigree,’ meaning “the complex intertwining of delicate threats of gold and silver,” was derived from the Latin words for thread (filum) and seed (granum), which serves as the basis for the company’s dual mission: to serve both as a ‘seed’ by incubating, supporting and celebrating emerging theatre makers in Austin and as a ‘thread’ by connecting Austin to theatre communities in New York and Los Angeles.  The Filigree Theatre is likewise dedicated to forging connections with diverse audiences across the region. For more information about The Filigree Theatre, please visit:

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